Coconut oil

January 29, 2023 0 Comments

The Benefits of Coconut oil

Consuming coconut oil can be of huge benefit to you and your family.

  • Aids in Prevention of Heart Disease and increases Heart Health. – High in naturally occurring Saturated fats. These fats are very beneficial to your body, as they help to lower the nasty LDL cholesterol ( Low Density Lipoprotein), that can clog your veins and arteries, and increases the benefits of HDL cholesterol. (High Density Lipoprotein)
  • Treats Urinary Tract Infection – Working as a natural antibiotic, Coconut oil can help clear up that Urinary Tract Infection that we all get at some point in our lives. Adding Coconut Water to that morning Smoothie can benefit your urinary system every day.
  • Reduces Inflammation – Coconut oil, can help reduce inflammation all over the body, both inside and out.
  • Cancer Treatment and Prevention – A number of studies have shown that cancer lives on Glucose (Sugar) that you consume. So it stands to reason that if you eliminate glucose or Sugar from your diet, it will help prevent you getting cancer. Coconut oil is what is called Ketogenic. Cancer tumors are not able to feed on or access the energy in ketones. So a ketogenic diet could be a help in the recovery of cancer patients.
  • Helicobacter Pylori bacteria killer. Helicobacter Pylori is a bacterium that causes a lot of gastrointestinal problems, and one of those are Ulcers. It is also known to increase the chance of developing stomach cancers. Eating or Drinking Coconut oil can help reduce the risk of these conditions.
  • Improves Brain Function – Adding Coconut oil, Coconut Water to your diet can help your brain function more effectively. Recent research has shown that the brain actually creates its own insulin to process glucose and power brain cells
  • Increases Your Metabolism
  • Coconut Oil is High in Medium Chain Triglycerides, it is these Fatty Acids That Boost Metabolism. Coconut oil is vastly different from most other fats in the diet.
  • Improves Digestion – Coconut oil can improve the gut bacteria by helping the body absorb vitamins, magnesium and calcium. It also helps reduce inflammation in the gut, by destroying bacterial organisms. The body absorbs fat-soluble vitamins, calcium and magnesium thus improving your overall gut health.
  • Helps improve skin conditions – Coconut oil works well on Dandruff, Psoriasis lesions, Dermatitis, Burns etc. It can help reduce the inflammation of some skin conditions. Its antioxidants are ideal for healing the skin. It is an excellent moisturizer, it can penetrate hair follicles better than other oils, including collagen oil. Everyone goes on about collagen, but the fact is, collagen can not penetrate the skin, as the molecule is too large to do so. Coconut oil on the other hand, can penetrate the skin and it will not feel oily on the surface of the skin. Rub 1 teaspoon of oil on to your face each morning, then let absorb. If you are in a hurry to put your makeup on, just pat your face dry. It will feel beautifully smooth all day
  • Prevents Gum Disease and Tooth Decay – Oil Pulling, has been used for centuries as a way to cleanse the mouth of bacteria and help heal periodontal disease. Coconut oil is one of the most effective oils for oil pulling due to its high concentration of antibacterial properties. By swishing the oil in your mouth, the oil denatures the bacteria and sticks to it. Removing oral bacteria greatly reduces your risk of periodontal disease. If you want to heal your gums and repair your teeth, I recommend coconut oil pulling three times a week for 20 minutes a day.
  • Weightloss – Yes, I can hear what you are all thinking. “Not another weight loss promise”, well I am not going to promise anything, because it all depends on how you stick to it. But, the results will speak for themselvesCoconut oil has the ability to help reduce belly fat. It helps burn calories and fats from your body. Decreasing your calorie intake by decreasing your appetite.
  • Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair Care – Fatty acids in Coconut oil can help improve your skin condition of your scalp, thus improving your hair follicle and making you hair healthier. It is a great conditioner. Just apply a tablespoon of oil to your hair after shampooing. Leave on for 3 minutes, then rinse off.
  • Candida and Yeast Infections – When you start to eat, drink or generally ingest Coconut oil, your likelihood of ever getting a yeast infection is very minimal. No more embarrassing itching. If you do happen to get that crazy itch and you are not consuming coconut oil already, it is quite acceptable to apply coconut oil to your itchy bits. It is so soothing and should help destroy the offending bacteria.

How to use Coconut oil in your life.

  • You can add Coconut oil to just about anything you like to eat. I personally like to put a teaspoon of Coconut oil in my morning coffee. It makes it creamy and tastes great.
  • If you like a morning Smoothie, just add a Tablespoon to your favorite ingredients and enjoy.
  • Use it in your Cooking. I love using Coconut oil in a lot of my cooking and baking.
  • No Bake Slices are much nicer with a few tablespoons of Coconut oil in them.
  • Topical application of Coconut oil on your skin. You can rub it anywhere you like. I use it every morning as a pre makeup moisturizer.
  • Coconut oil is great for that Stir Fry
  • How much Coconut Oil should I have each day? 2 Tablespoons per day