Growing Your Own Herbs

January 29, 2023 0 Comments

Growing Herbs is Easy

Most herbs need lots or sunshine and moderate watering schedules.

Herbs will grow in almost anything you could find to put them in. Indoors or Outdoors. Window sills, shade houses, terrariums, old tires and open gardens. For terrariums and pots, all you need is a good quality potting soil, some blood and bone, or Nitrophosphate pellets to put lots of oxygen in the soil, and some patience. Unfortunately I am a bit of an impatient gardener, and love to see everything growing the day after I plant it. But, as we all know, that is not really possible. So I could say that my little garden has taught me patience and calmed me. I love coming home from work after a stressful day and i go straight to my garden to see what has popped up today. Or, how many more tomatoes are growing on my 2 year old plant. (Tons at the moment)

Sowing Seeds or Buying Seedlings?

With my patience in mind, 90 % of the time I like to buy seedlings of my herbs and plant them all over my house and shade house. I also have them in 2 Terrariums in my kitchen and hallway.
After choosing what herbs you want to plant and how you might use them, deciding where to plant them is easier.

In my terrariums I have all the herbs that I like to harvest and use fresh in my cooking.

In my shadehouseI I keep my larger plants that I can harvest and dry.

Growing herbs in old tires is a great way to have a weed free garden.Plant and Enjoy, and wait for the harvesting in about 6 to 12 weeks.

As your plants grow, you can take snippets of them and that will encourage more growth. Eventually you will have so much fresh herbs around your house, you might like to learn how to dry, store and be proud of your beautiful herb garden.

Next lesson… How to Dry and Store Your Own Herbs.